The Faces Behind Moments in Morocco



A Moroccan Saharan nomad from the Erg Chegaga dunes. Abdelhadi is an experienced and much-acclaimed tour guide. Working closely with his team, Abdelhadi handles his clients with the deftness of a real professional. He knows how to make his clients feel taken care of and their needs considered carefully. He also overlooks his team with the same care and kindness.

Since Abdelhadi was born and raised in the Erg Chegaga desert, he has a great wealth of knowledge of the region. He has been involved in the tourism industry for more than 20 years. He speaks Moroccan Arabic, Hassani, (the Arabic spoken by the nomadic people of the Sahara Desert), excellent English and French as well as phrases in, Spanish, Italian, German and Japanese taught him by clients.


Hamza Slimani

Hamza is a tour guide and junior tourism agent, who has a wealth of knowledge in the industry of tourism and travel services in Morocco. He has a degree in English, speaks excellent English, and good French, and a smattering of other languages picked up from interacting with tourists.

Hamza works as an office assistant attending to client email enquiries, providing input, making recommendations, and proposing tours, trips, and activities planned by Desert Majesty, customising them according to the client’s individual areas of interest. He makes arrangements for the tours, activities, accommodation, and transport to achieve the best possible tour experience for our clients to go home with wonderful memories and deep knowledge of his home country.

He stays up-to-date with weather and road conditions, and with accommodation facilities in order to anticipate any potential issues and to provide clients with the information and insights that help them make the most of their experiences. He is always at their disposal to offer a quick response, first-hand knowledge, and attention to details.

Our Drivers and Guides

Our drivers and guide are from locale Berber and Nomad families. They speak several languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and other languages, by talking to tourists. They always care for their comfort, answer their questions, address their concerns, and explain this North African country’s exotic culture and rich history. They are eager to teach you their local culture and present their home traditions.

They are knowledgeable guides and skilful drivers with many years of experience guiding tourists throughout the country. All of our guides and drivers have received credit for their charm and kindness, driving skills, extensive knowledge, and years-long experience. Please don’t hesitate to let them know your points of interest and special requests. They will go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.