Terms and Condtions

By using Moments in Morocco services, referred to in these conditions as “we” or “us”, you are considered as having read and agreed to the terms and conditions listed below on behalf of yourself and all other persons using our services pursuant to a booking made by you.

Booking and Payment Procedures:

For each trip and activity listed on our website, there is a contact form. Please fill in the form to indicate your preferred travelling time frame, number of participants, and other details needed in order to make your tour arrangements.

Upon receipt of your inquiry, one of our friendly team of travel experts will get in touch with you within 24 hours in order to help you plan your selected itinerary or customise one that fits your individual interests. If you haven’t received an answer from us, please check your spam box.

Once you have agreed to the itinerary program and quoted price, we will send you a detailed itinerary and invoice with payment details. To confirm your booking, we require an initial 30% deposit of the total balance. We accept payments via Visa, Master Card, PayPal and bank transfer. The balance of the trip is to be paid locally to our staff.

  • We accept cash payments in Euros, US Dollars, GBP or Moroccan Dirhams.
  • Onsite credit card and PayPal payments are accepted with an extra 5% processing fee.

Upon receipt of the deposit, we will book your selected accommodations, and reserve the car and your trip details will be added to our office spreadsheet.

Changes to Your Booking:

We will be happy to make all possible amendments to your booking with no additional charges unless you wish to upgrade the level of accommodations or add extra activities to your original travel arrangements!

However, please in mind that making changes to your trip less than 15 days before your trip start date, may not be feasible. We will do our best to satisfy the changes in your wishes, but we cannot guarantee full satisfaction in such cases.

If the changes you would like to make to your original trip are not possible, you have the option to proceed forward with your originally booked itinerary, or cancel and pay the cancellation charges, if applied, per below!

Cancellation Policy:

Should you wish to cancel your travel arrangements, please notify us in writing as soon as possible. The cancellation is effective on the date we receive your notification prior to the start date of your travel. The following charges are applicable upon cancellation:

Private Desert Tours:

  • Cancellation 15 days or more before your desert trip start date: Full deposit refunded with no fees.
  • Cancellation 7 to 14 days before your desert trip start date: First deposit is non-refundable. However, we will be happy to hold the deposit for a trip with Moments in Morocco within 2 months of the original date.
  • Cancellation less than 6 days before your desert trip start date: 100% of total tour cost.

Private Morocco Tours:

  • Cancellation 30 days or more before your Morocco tour start date: First deposit is non-refundable.
  • Cancellation 29 to 10 days before your Morocco tour start date: 50% of the total tour cost charged.
  • Cancellation less than 10 days before your Morocco tour start date: 100% total tour cost.
  • If you cancel and reschedule the trip to travel within 2 months of the original date, we may decide to hold the deposit for the trip. Please note that this is not applicable in high season and always at our discretion!

Cancellation charges may be covered by your insurance policy, please check with your insurance provider!

Unforeseen Circumstances:

Due to the nature of outdoor activities and adventure travel unforeseen circumstances, which are beyond our control, cancellation or last minute-changes changes to your travel arrangements might be necessary. These conditions include but are not limited to natural disasters, war or threats of war, civil disturbances, terrorist activities, fires, adverse weather or road conditions, and others.

We will advise you as soon as we become aware of any such changes to be made in the interest of our client’s safety. We accept no responsibility for any such changes. Should such adverse circumstances involve clients’ additional costs for accommodations, transport, food, etc, such costs will be borne by the client, not us.

We may be forced to cancel a part or all of your travel arrangements for reasons beyond our control, “Force Measure”. In such cases, you will be entitled to a refund less any costs already incurred by us. No other compensation will be due or payable by us to you. If we cancel a tour for a reason other than “Force Measure”, you will be entitled to a full refund.

Special Request:

Please inform us of any special requirements that are important to your travel arrangements. Special requests include but are not limited to dietary, medical, wheelchair assistance, or others.

We will pass the information on to our third-party vendors to ensure a safe and enjoyable travel experience for you. Please inform us of any preferences that you may have while making the reservation, hotel locations, bed configurations, etc.

If we are unable to accommodate your special requirements or individual preferences, we will inform you in writing prior to booking the trip.

Travel Insurance:

We do not provide any travel insurance. It is your full responsibility to make sure that you are adequately covered by comprehensive travel insurance before your travel with Moments in Morocco.

We strongly advise you to have travel insurance that covers medical emergencies, rescue or evacuation, emergency repatriation, and personal liability.

We also advise you to make sure that your insurance policy cover lost luggage, loss of personal items, loss of stolen money, and cancelled or delayed flights.

Travel Documents:

You are responsible for ensuring the possession of valid required documents. Your passport must be valid for 6 months prior to entering Morocco.

It is the sole responsibility of the tour participant(s) to ensure that all passport and visa requirements are met prior to the tour departure date.

Privacy and Confidentiality:

We take full responsibility for making sure that proper security measures are in place to secure the privacy and confidentiality of the information that you provide us with during the booking and payment process.

We ensure you that your collected information will be used to make reservations with hotels and other third-party vendors as needed to complete your travel arrangements.

We will share your dietary, medical, or any disability information that you provide us with our vendor partners to make sure that your trip is enjoyable and most importantly, safe!

In using our services, you are considered to consent to this information being passed onto all relevant persons.


All dissatisfaction should be addressed immediately to your driver/ guide or accommodation staff, who will work to help resolve the issue.

In the unlikely event that the issue remains unresolved, please contact us immediately by phone or WhatsApp at +212 629 926 767.

If it is not possible to do so because of phone coverage in remote areas, please contact us by email at: [email protected]

Our Responsibility:

We will accept liability should any part of your travel arrangements with us not as described per your booking and not of a reasonable standard.

We will pay reasonable compensation, limited to the maximum amount paid to us for the selected travel arrangements unless there was no fault on our part or our third-party vendors.

Please note that we assume no responsibility whatsoever for personal injury, illness, death or loss incurred during your trip!

Your Responsibility:

You accept responsibility for bringing and looking after your own medication and personal first-aid kit.

You must notify us of any disability, illness, or past or present, that may affect your ability to take part in a tour with us.

You accept at your own risk and understand, the risks inherent in outdoor activities and adventure travel.

You take responsibility for looking after your personal property and travel documents during your travel arrangements with us.

You accept the booking with Moments in Morocco on the understanding that potential alterations or delays may arise due to factors beyond our control for which we accept no responsibility.

You accept and agree that you have read the above terms and conditions and agree to be bounded by them.