Trekking Tours from Ouarzazate: Mountains & Sahara

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Trekking Tours from Ouarzazate

Trekking in Morocco is probably one of the best ways to experience this North African; a blend between the Majestic Sahara Desert and the High Atlas Mountains. Here at Moments in Morocco, we have curated a selection of trekking tours for all tastes and different levels of fitness for you to choose from. Our trekking tours are available throughout the year and can be customised to accommodate your individual areas of interest.

Desert trekking tours from Ouarzazate:

Trekking the Sahara Desert in Morocco is an adventure that should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is an experience that will create enduring memories. As you camel-trek through Morocco, you will lose track of time and discover why these stunning desert landscapes are renowned for their timeless beauty. Select from our handpicked range of Morocco camel trekking packages or get in touch with us to tailor your very own camel expedition in Morocco today. Come and experience it all for yourself!

Here at Moments in Morocco, our motto is excellence. We know our guests want to experience desert trekking in Morocco in the best way possible. This is why we work with the best camel men and local guides for all of our Sahara Desert trekking tours.

During your trekking tour, you will be accompanied by experienced camel-men and local guides who will guide you through the diverse terrains of the magnificent Sahara Desert, highlight interesting features of the landscape and share their passion for the nomadic lifestyle with you.

They will arrange the camp’s tents for the evening, prepare your meals and manage all logistics of your camel trekking adventure in Morocco. This will enable you to completely engage and immerse yourself in the experience without any concerns.

Mountain trekking tours from Ouarzazate:

Trekking the Atlas Mountains is one of the best ways to explore Morocco. The Atlas Mountains, home to the indigenous Berber people and seasonal nomads, is an environment unique for its authentic way of life which hasn’t changed for hundreds of years.

During your mountain trekking adventure, you will discover beautiful landscapes, green fertile valleys, incredible rock formations and off-the-beaten tracks. As you trek the mountains, you will encounter seasonal nomads with their herds looking for grazing land and you will probably spend a night with a Berber family that still calls the mountains home.

While trekking the Atlas Mountains, you will be accompanied by mules to carry the trekking equipment; camping tents, blankets, mattresses, kitchen stuff as well as your personal luggage. Experienced local guides and mule-men will guide you through the different terrains of the mountains. They will help you discover beautiful landscapes, points out interesting features and teach about the local culture and life of the Berber people who still inhabit the Atlas Mountains. They will also prepare your meals and set up the camp tents.

You will trek for about three hours in the morning followed by another three hours in the afternoon. However, the pace and the length of each trek can be adapted to your individual rhythm allowing you to choose the portion of each trek and to stop whenever is desired or necessary. Choose from our carefully designed packages or contact us to customise one that accommodates your areas of interest.

To experience the trip of a lifetime by going on a trekking expedition in Morocco, contact us today, and before you know it, you will be venturing into a captivating adventure, creating unforgettable memories.